Welcome to the official website for Sydney Australia's National YSA Convention 2019!

The theme of this year’s convention is If Ye Love Me, Keep My Commandments (John 14:15).

There will be an estimated 600 YSA's from across the nation that will come to this EXCITING event! 


Well, in order to attend YSA convention, each YSA must:

  • Register to attend ONE YSA convention online by 30th of November (spaces are limited so please register early). Both the Sydney and Melbourne convention will run at the same time this year.                                            
  • Pay attendance fee of $250 (ON-SITE) and $200 (OFF-SITE) for Australian YSA, or $350 AUD for International YSA. As a committee, the YSA leaders have decided that payment for convention will be required within 48 hours at the time of registration or your expression of interest to attend Sydney Convention will be cancelled. If your expression of interest is cancelled, you will have to reregister. 
  • Be interviewed by your Bishop or Branch President. Please note, that this interview is a REQUIREMENT as a part of your registration.  The purpose of this interview is to discuss the code of conduct, church standards and to approve your registration to attend Sydney Convention.

Any burning questions regarding Convention either email us on the email address below or click on the "CONTACT US" tab above and fill out the form.

Email: ysaexecutivecommittee@gmail.com

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